The Sweetest Day of the Week

Julie Russell
3 min readSep 7, 2014

On Tuesdays, I hang out with my daughter

I have a commitment.

It’s the kind of promise that is easy to break, and sometimes I think it’s not worth it because the pull of work is so strong.

Except when my daughter reminds me:
“It’s Mommy and Ava day today!”

We started “Mommy and Ava Day” three years back, when I transitioned from flexible contract work to a full time job. Ava requested one afternoon where I picked her up when school ended so we had time together.

Caring for my daughter is fleeting and transient. Each year she ages she needs me less for what I do for her (she can bathe, clothe, and make lunch herself), but she still needs me. I’m reminded of this every Tuesday afternoon, when I show up at her school, wait outside the doors as school lets out, chat idly with other parents.

She grins when she sees me. Even though she’s a big fifth grader now, I still get hugs in front of friends. “How was your day, Mommy?” she asks.

I always answer honestly. “Today was rough because of (this problem or that problem)” or “Today was great, I figured out a problem I’ve been struggling with for a week!”

On our brief drive home, I’ll ask about her day.



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