Dog walks make nearly everything better.

When I’m faced with uncertainty, doubt, or heaven forbid, a situation I feel ill equipped to handle, my default is to push harder, do more, and try and fill all the gaps in my knowledge at once.

This doesn’t work.

This morning I dropped a 5-week city college class on a programming language I’ve studied a bit. I thought the timeframe — a semester class condensed into a 5 week summer session — would be manageable.

But I didn’t consider everything else I’m doing. I’m a mom. I’m an engineering manager for this lovely platform where you’re reading. I’m a…

Restorative Yoga is Grown-Up Naptime.

Couldn’t find a restorative pose on Unsplash, enjoy this lotus instead by Ilyuza Mingazova on Unsplash

I discovered Restorative Yoga during my Yoga Teacher Training. At that time, my daughter was two. I juggled being a partner to my mate, motherhood, working part-time in tech, and completing the CYT-200 in 6 months.

Restorative yoga kept me sane, and I learned from teachers who had studied with Judith Hansen Lasater, author of Relax and Renew: Restful Yoga for Stressful Times. Later, I attended a trainings offered by Lasater as well.

I learned from Lasater that the deep relaxation offered by restorative yoga, where one holds a very comfy, supported pose for 15–20…

When I was pregnant, a whole teenager ago, I was at a friend’s for dinner. When we started to eat I said, “it’s my favorite!”

And my friend asked, puzzled…

I've been terrified to write a beat sheet for my novel in progress because I thought it would be exhaustive and punitive! Thanks for breaking this down, Courtney, and making it much more accessible!

So excited for Blogrolls, and to see who everyone I read is following!

Julie Russell

Board Member of NaNoWriMo nonprofit, member of Alabama Street Writers’ Group, & Engineering Manager at Medium. Opinions are all and always mine.

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